*Lashadas Xquisite. 8121. Cl. 1. 'A' (3:4). 'Z' (0:0).

6100044002 WA .......... 8/9/05..........GSDCV Vic .........2301. .........1/04/07


Sire: *Uras Von Trafalga. Cl. 1. 'a'.'Z'. H-neg.
...................(*Fimo Von Kirchheck.
'a' x *Iris Von Trafalga 'a'.)
Dam: *Spellbinda Kellyspride. Cl. 1. 'A'.'Z'
(*Ch. Bodecka Grandslam. Cl. 1. 'A'.'Z' X *Ch. Spellbinda High Society. Cl. 1. 'A'.'Z' )

Linebreeding: Fedor Noriswand (5-5)

Breeder: Lashadas Kennels
Owner: J. Joseph. - CRANBOURNE. 3977.

1. General Information.
Height at withers: 59 cm; Depth of chest: 27.5 cm; Chest circumference: 68 cm; Weight: 23.4 kg; Pigment: strong; Coat: normal; Colour and markings: Black & Tan.

11. General Description.
Above medium size, strong, substantial, well proportioned bitch that is very well coloured and pigmentaed and of overall very good type. Presented in firm dry condition. Very good head with very good strength of skull and upper and lower jaw, very good eye colour. Very good length of neck. Stands with a high wither, firm straight back, good croup. Very good fore and hindquarter angulation. Very good fore and underchest development. Good length of foreleg. Stands correct in front. Moves correct both coming and going with good hock connections, the elbows are yet to achieve their final firmness. At both the walk and the gait shows a free flowing expansive movement with powerful drive and free reach where the back remains firm and the wither line is maintained.

111. Temperament Test and Gun Sureness.
(1) Character: lively, good natured, (2) Watchfulness: very alert, (3) Condition on Nerves: firm, (4) Confidence: self-assured, (5) Reaction to Gun Test: self-assured,

1V. Structural Evaluation while Standing and During Movement.
(1) Sex Characteristics: pronounced, (2) Proportions: very good length of body, very good forechest development, very good underchest development, good length of foreleg, substantial (3) Bones: strong, well shaped, (4) Muscular Development: firm, (5) Constitution: strong, (6) View from Front: straight, (7) Firmness in Stance: Front: sl loose; Rear: firm, (8) Feet: very good front & rear, (9) Toenails: dark, (10) Hock Joints: firm, (11) Pasterns: Firm, (12) Elbows: sl loose, (13) Head: well-formed, broad (14) Upper Jaw: strong, (15) Lower Jaw: strong, (16) Expression: noble lively, alert, (17) Eyes: correct shape and size, dark, (18) Ears: very good shape, size, set, (19) Withers: high, (20) Back: firm, straight, tight, (21) Croup: good length and lay, (22) Angulations: Front: very good length and angle of shoulder blade and upper arm, Rear: very good length and angle of upper thigh and lower thigh, (23) Gait: trotter well sprung, very good ground covering,good back transmission, moves correct front Drive: powerful, Reach: far reaching, (24) Dentition: healthy, strong without gaps, scissor bite, (25) Dentition Faults: Nil.

V. Particular Virtues and Faults.
A bitch of excellent type whose excellent gait and overall movement are a joy to watch. A bitch that comes from an excellent producing mother line.

Vi. Advice for Selection of Breeding Partner.
Select a sire of similar phenotype that will help and not detract from her overall very good qualities and type.

Breed Surveyor: Mr. Greg Green

Breed Survey