* Iwan vom Lechtal (imp Gmy) - 5767 - BS. CL. 1. 'a'N 'Z'Gr 1 (0/1)

H-Neg SZ 1862375 16/12/92 GSDC Vic 1781 13/04/97

Sire: *Immo v Batu 'a' SchH. 111.

Dam: * Kimba v Lechtal 'a' Sch H. 1.


Linebreeding: Cello Romerau 3 - 3; Palme Wildsteiger Land 4, 5 - 5, 5;
Nick Wienerau 5 - 5; Q litter Arminius 3, 4- 4 (Quina 3 - Quana 4- 4);
X lifter Arminius 4, 5, 5 - 5 (Xaver 4, 5 - 5 Xando 5 - )

Breeder: Martin Hans .. Germany

Owner: Humphreys/Yuen/Rodger/Haase 1095 Frankston - Dandenong Rd, Carrum Downs

1. General Information
Height at withers: 64.5 cm; Depth of chest:3 2.0 cm; Chest circumference: 83.0 cm; Weight: 37 kg; Pigment: strong; Coat: normal; Testicles: well developed.

11. General Description
Large, strong, very good proportions, very good type and expression. Very good topline, croup, angulations and chest proportions. Straight in front. Very far reaching movement. Firm temperament, hardness, courage and combative instinct pronounced releases.
Assessments and comments for life survey: Presented in very good condition.

Colour and markings: Black & Brown.

111. Temperament Test and Gun Sureness
(1) Character: lively, good-natured, (2) Watchfulness: alert, (3) Condition of Nerves: firm, (4) Confidence: self-assured, (5) Reaction to Gun Test: self-assured.

1V. Structural Evaluation whilst Standing and During Movement
(1) Sex Characteristics: pronounced. (2) Proportions: very good length of body, very good forechest development, good underchest development, substantial, (3) Bones: strong, (4) Muscular Development: well-developed, firm, (5) Constitution: strong, (6) View from Front: straight, (7) Firmness in Stance: Front: firm, Rear: firm, (8) Feet: very good front and rear, (9) Toenails: dark, (10) Hock Joints: firm, (11) Pasterns: firm, (12) Elbows: firm, tight, (13) Head: well-formed, broad, (14) Upper Jaw: strong, (15) Lower Jaw: strong, (16) Expression: lively, alert, (17) Eyes: correct shape size, dark, (18) Ears: very good shape, size, set, (19) Withers: high, (20) Back: firm, (21) Croup: good length and lay, (22) Angulations: Front: very good length and angle of shoulder blade and upper arm, Rear: very good length and angle of upper thigh and lower thigh, (23) Gait: very good ground covering, moves correct front/rear, Drive: powerful, Reach: far-reaching, (24) Dentition: healthy, strong, without gaps, scissor bite, (25) Dentition Faults: Nil

V. Particular Virtues and Faults
Very expressive stud dog with very good overall construction, strong pigment and very good outlines.

Vi. Advice for Selection of Breeding Partner
Recommended for improvement of type and anatomy, especially of the croup.

Breed Surveyor: E. Orschler 5.10.94 E. Rucket 8.6.96 (Germany)

Breed Surveyor: Donald L C. (Australia)

Breed Survey
(* Mark v Haus Beck 'a' x Ossa v Batu 'a')
(* Fedor vd Noriswand 'a' x * Susi v Lechtal 'a')
Iwan  Vom  Lechtal
Bodecka Bolly. CD. 'A'Z'